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The Springs of North Carolina

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Introducing Our Newest Team Member

Please join us in welcoming Kavin Nix
to Blue Ridge Mountain Water

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Kavin Nix, the newest member of the Blue Ridge Mountain Water team. Since May, Kavin has assumed responsibility for a large chunk of our industry-based water delivery customers. Kavin is also taking the helm as our primary coffee salesman, and as our coffee guy, he’s hoping for a long, cold winter. Kavin is a long time Henderson county resident, and he and his wife Nikki make their home in the Etowah community. He’s active in the church, on the stock car track, and formerly in the rodeo arena. Kavin is our very own Evel Knievel. We hope you’ll help us welcome Kavin, and we know that his dedication to great service will surely impress.

Bio Bottles

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We are proud to announce that we have recently begun bottling some of our small package product in biodegradable bottles. Thanks to technology pioneered by Enso Bottles, LLC, we can offer a bottle with a much shorter landfill life. Enso bottles can also be recycled, and if a recycling program is offered in your area, recycling should still be the first consideration. As always, we continue to cherish our duty, and promote the virtues of responsible stewardship of our community, and our Earth.

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