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The Springs of North Carolina

Owner Blue Ridge Mountain Water


In order to remain competitive and relevant in a tumultuous economic climate such as our community is experiencing, we’ve adopted the belief that an investment today is an investment in a brighter future. In the last months, we’ve made strides in revamping integral parts of our bottling process by creating a more functional facility, and bringing our filtration equipment to the state of the art. We also continue to strive to be good stewards of our natural resources. In an age when we’re all examining our environmental impact, we continue to take no more water from the ground for bottling that what flows to the surface naturally. This concept is at the heart of what it means to be a state certified natural spring water bottler, and provides a way for us to do our part in sustaining the most important resource for our children, and our children’s children: fresh; clean water.

Star Player

This issue’s star player is Judy Short. Judy is an important part of our production staff at Blue Ridge Mountain Water. Judy runs our bottle-filling machine, and with the pace the filler runs, her job can be very demanding. She also cleans and sanitizes our water dispensers before they are available for rental. Judy has been a part of the team for several years, as well as a resident of the community for many more. Originally from Virginia, Judy is a dedicated mother who has raised six children, of which five are also residents of our beautiful mountains. The sixth, recently finished his time in the military, and calls Denver, Colorado his home. In her spare time, Judy likes to go fishing, or spend some time “loafing” around, and when she can, she loves four-wheeling. We are always grateful to have Judy on our team, and with her, we can count on a job well done. Congratulations and thanks to Judy for her hard work and dedication.

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